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Buried Treasure: The Story of the First African Americans in New York
Buried Treasure is an art book in story form. Each beautiful gouache painting is combined with striking prose to tell the story of New York’s first African Americans through the discovery of their artifacts and remains in lower Manhattan, and of their re-interment at a national historical site.

Buried Treasure is the conception of New York-based artist Noah Jemisin (click here to see bio page), who was inspired by the discovery of a forgotten burial ground. The book is the first of JAM. Graphics & Publishing’s non-comic publications.

Purchase your copy of the limited first edition printing of Buried Treasure from JAM Graphics & Publishing.* This edition is limited to 1500 copies. Buried Treasure has 100 full-color interior pages and is now available in a limited edition soft cover version. This edition is printed on 100 lb. white dull text stock, and features Smythe-sewn binding, for extra durability. The cover is 120 lb. gloss cover. It measures 8.9” x 11.2” and retails at $34.95.

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